WOPR Summit 0x02

WOPR Summit is an immersive hacking conference focused on hardware, software, and wireless technologies.

Summit, October 26-27, 2023

Temple University, Mazur Hall

Philadelphia, PA

Important Dates

XXYY – CFP Opens

XXYY – Call for Volunteers

XXYY – CFP Closes

XXYY – Speaker Announcements


WOPR Summit workshops provide an immersive hands-on learning experience for attendees. Workshops include hacking hardware, software, and wireless.


By participating in a variety of contests, attendees can put their skills to the test and also learn new skills. Everyone is encouraged to participate. This is also a great way to meet people!


Topics include offensive and defensive security, building devices, and other topics in the realm of building and breaking hardware, software, and wireless. Talks will not be recorded.

Hacker Space

Our chillout room is a hacker space. It’s all about community, collaboration, inspire, hack, break, make, share, learn, teach, eat, hang out, have fun!