WOPR Summit 0x00

Talks from WOPR 0x00

SirepRAT: RCE as SYSTEM on Windows IoT Core

Ham Hacks: Breaking into Software Defined Radio

Being Q. Designing Hacking Gadgets

Extracting Information from Academia

An Introduction to IoT Penetration Testing

The ‘Art’ of The BEC – What Three Years of Fighting Has Taught Us


Hiding In Plain Sight

Hacking The Human Body With Off The Shelf Parts

One Man Army – How to be the first Security Engineer at a company

InfoSuck: The Nasty Bits Of The Industry We Want To Tell Noobs But Aren’t Allowed To In Polite Company

Function Hooking 101 – A Crash Course On Hooking

A Hacker’s Guide to Military Grade Anonymity

2019 – Workshops from WOPR 0x00

Red and Blue Tactics for Real Cyber Conflict

Strategies for your projects: Concept to Prototype

Trust in Waves: An introduction to packet radio with AX.25 and elliptic curve cryptography

Detection and Incident Response with osquery

DNS Security

Embedded engineering: A simple NFC reader

Reverse Engineering Web Applications